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Father's day gift ideas


Lamp Hercule noir

A beautiful table lamp for your desk or your console. This lamp has a  camera stand from the 1950’s which was an era of exotic expeditions to the safari in Africa or a voyage on the world famous Orient express. 

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Lampe Biblio

This white frosted glass lamp, composed of five lined up books, can be placed in a bookcase, creating a halo of light to its paper fellow.

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La paz floor lamp

Metal contemporary/modern floor lamp - la paz floor lamp 3 the design of this unique fixture is a clever and sophisticated approach to lighting.The bulb that you see is actually a shade and inside it

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takara column shelf small

Small takara column shelf is ideal for organizing books, magazines or towels. These golden teak objects will blend with most living room or family room décors, and their strong moisture resistance makes them ideal for the bath as well.

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Prabang centerpiece bowl

Our Prabang centerpiece bowls are carved from solid rosewood by skilled artisans working in the hills outside the storied Laotian city that gives them their name. The dish is ideal for pocket contents on a dresser top or a desk.

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yosemite coat hanger

Yosemite coat hanger are made of discarded tree trunks, carefully selected them for size and branch formation, then trimmed, cleaned, cured, sanded and stained them to create a coat rack that is at once a conversation piece, a work of art and an entryway organizer.

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Arabesque gold black tie clip

This gold black tie clip is crafted from stainless steel with splendid gold plating created from 18K gold and titanium. It’s accentuated with the divine geometric Arabesque pattern and finished with an opulent enamel inlay.

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sky umbrella

1992 MoMA’s witty umbrellas with their eternally cheerful skies are known and enjoyed throughout the world. Black nylon exterior and photo-printed polyester lining with a wooden shaft and handle.

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Arabesque credit card holder

This credit card holder with Arabesque pattern along is made of Stainless Steel, plated in Titanium. This Credit Card Holder is a unique gift for you or someone you love.

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Arabesque cognac brandy snifter glass

This glass is artfully crafted from mouth-blown glass with a stem showcasing the geometric Arabesque pattern. The eye-catching stem is plated with luxurious 18K gold & titanium.

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Wine Thermometer

Each wine has an ideal tasting temperature. To be assured that you taste your wine in optimum conditions (giving you maximum pleasure), check that it is served at the right temperature. Insert the Wine Thermometer inside the bottle, ensuring that the end of the stem is in the liquid.

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Lia bottle stopper crystal

These exquisite jewel-like bottle stoppers are made from rare pineapple-clustered amethyst and crystal from brazil paired with hand-crafted glass. This is a natural product; each stopper is unique.

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