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Men's favorite colors

As you might guess, pink isn't a favorite of most men but it's not their least favorite color. Blue, green, and black are generally the colors that men do like most. However, the colors men like for themselves and the colors they find attractive on women aren't necessarily the same.

As part of a recent study on gender norms, University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen asked nearly 2,000 men and women a simple question: "What's your favorite color?" Blue turned out to be most popular across the board, followed by green for men and purple for women.


Men Like Blue

Blue is a favorite color of both men and women of all ages. However, men have a much stronger preference for blue than women. It may be the calming effect of the color blue that makes it a popular color for both men and women or it could be the association of some shades of blue with authority figures, intelligence, and stability. It's possible that men tend toward blue because they've noticed that women find men in blue attractive whether it's a blue uniform or a blue business suit.

Men Like Green

A distant second to blue as a favorite color of men, the color green is cool, restful, and signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment as well as balance and stability.


Men prefer brighter shades, while women favor cool, soft colors.

Men Like Black

Men favor the color black only slightly more than women. A strong preference for conservative colors such as blue and black may also reflect social and cultural norms where women wear the brighter, more varied colors while men's attire is traditionally less colorful.

While women favor cool, soft colors, men prefer brighter shades although they still show a preference for cool colors such as blue and green.

Men keep it simple

When it comes to speak the color language, men generally keep it simple. What might just be a purple for a men, could be plum, grape or any other fruit-like color to a woman


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